Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Review - Showcase Fata Morgana by Steven R. Boyett and Ken Mitchroney

When Fata Morgana was offered as an audible daily deal I read the blurb and got out my wallet. I love genre mix novels and this one is a masterful melding of many. If you get a change to pick up any format and you like sci-fi, fantasy, alternate history and or WWII fiction don't miss out.

    Fata Morgana

  • By: Steven R. Boyett, Ken Mitchroney
    Narrated by: Macleod Andrews
    Length: 12 hrs and 9 mins
    Unabridged Audiobook
    Release date: 06-13-17
    Language: English
    Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.


      At the height of the air war in Europe, Captain Joe Farley and the baseball-loving, wisecracking crew of the B-17 Flying Fortress Fata Morgana are in the middle of a harrowing bombing mission over East Germany when everything goes sideways. The bombs are still falling and flak is still exploding all around the 20-ton bomber as it is knocked like a bathtub duck into another world.Suddenly stranded with the final outcasts of a desolated world, Captain Farley navigates a maze of treachery and wonder--and finds a love seemingly decreed by fate--as his bomber becomes a pawn in a centuries-old conflict between remnants of advanced but decaying civilizations. Caught among these bitter enemies, a vast power that has brought them here for its own purposes, and a terrifying living weapon bent on their destruction, the crew must use every bit of their formidable inventiveness and courage to survive.Fata Morgana--the epic novel of love and duty at war across the reach of time.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Interview with author Teagan Kearney

Keagan reached out to me a while ago and even though at the time I didn't have time to accept her review request her kind words about reviewers touched me and so I invited her on the blog to guest post. 

The Adept Solutions series

Friday, May 18, 2018

The End of an Era and a Bittersweet Goodbye to RT Book Reviews

In 1981 Kathryn Falk began Romantic Times as a newsletter and the first publication was distributed to 3000 subscribers. In 2004 it had 150,000 subscribers and had gained the reputation of being the Premier Romance genre magazine.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Showcase - The Sugarhouse Blues by Miriah Stewart Simon & Schuster Blog Tour

Today is my stop on The Sugarhouse Blues blog tour brought to you by Simon & Schuster.

The Hudson Sisters series, Book 2
On sale May 15, 2018!
Trade Paperback • Price: $16.00 • ISBN: 9781501144929
eBook • Price: $7.99 • ISBN: 9781501144967


Allie, Des, and Cara, each having her own reasons for wanting a share of their father's estate, meet in the grand Victorian home in which he grew up, only to be greeted by another secret he purposely hid from them: his sister Bonnie. The women reluctantly band together to take on Fritz's challenge, working with a local contractor to begin the renovations financed by an account Fritz had set up for the task. While the restoration appears to go smoothly at first, it soon becomes apparent that the work will be more extensive than originally thought, and Des, elected to handle the money, needs to find ways to stretch out the remaining savings while searching for new sources of funding.

As strangers linked only by their DNA try to become a family, the Hudson sisters also try to come to terms with the father they only thought they knew. In the process, each woman discovers her own capacity for understanding, forgiveness, love, and the true meaning of family.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

#Giveaway Showcase The Big Alpha in Town Anthology by Eve Langlais, Milly Taiden and Kate Baxter

I love catchy titles and anthologies and this book has them both, I'm happy to be showcasing The Big Alpha in Town an anthology by Eve Langlais, Milly Taiden and Kate Baxter.  And St. Martin's Press is sponsoring a #Giveaway details below!
Who says real fur is out of style!

ISBN-13: 9781250180490
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Release Date: 5-15-2018
Length: 352pp
Buy It: Amazon/ B&N/ Kobo/ IndieBound/ Audible


Three hot stories about three sexy shifters from a trio of today's hottest paranormal romance authors, headlined by bestselling authors Eve Langlais and Milly Taiden!

Bearing His Name
Meeting his mate should have been cause for celebration. There’s just one teeny tiny problem. Jade thinks Ark might have impregnated her sister. He didn’t, but convincing Jade is going to take a bit of honey.

Owned by the Lion
Keir’s been told to stop playing the field and settle down—difficult advice for a hard and hot man with a lion’s heart to follow. But his sights have always been set on Ally. She’s his mate, plain and simple. With her sweet and delicious curves, she’s nothing but sugar and trouble all rolled into one. But he’s known her and sparred with her for years. She’s his best friend’s little sister, and it’s going to take a whole new level of convincing that he’s the mate for her.

No Need Fur Love
Moving with his pack to the tiny town of Stanley, Idaho has Owen Courtney a little on edge. With literally no women in sight, Owen will be lucky to find a date, let alone his true mate. But you know the saying about a werewolf walking into a bar…
Gorgeous wood nymph Mia Oliver is on a mission: Find a suitable male to get her good ‘n pregnant and provide her with an heir. But when Mia decides to pick up a gorgeous and oh-so willing werewolf at the bar, she realizes she might be in over her head. …

Giveaway is one print copy The Big Alpha in Town
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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

#Giveaway- Showcase The Consultant by Tj O'Connor

Those who know me know I love the small indie house Oceanview Publishing and today I'm showcasing  one of their recent thriller releases, The Consultant by Tj O'Connor. Plus Oceanview is sponsoring a #Giveaway.

ISBN-13: 9781608092833
Publisher: Oceanview Publishing
Release Date: 5-15-2018
Length: 432pp
Jonathan Hunter #1
Buy It: Amazon/B&N/Kobo/IndieBound


A Rogue terrorism consultant.
His dead brother.
A beautiful Persian refugee.
Iran. Russian.
Terror. Fear. Prejudice.
America’s heading back to war. Someone has to stop it.
Jonathan Hunter, a rogue CIA consultant AWOL from his Middle East assignment, returns home to witness his brother Kevin’s horrific murder. For fifteen years, Hunter and Kevin were silent—until Kevin uttered his final words … Khalifah … Not Them … Maya …

Launched into the hunt for Kevin’s killer, Hunter stumbles into a series of horrifying terrorist attacks—all at the hands of Middle Eastern refugees—that spark a backlash across the country and threaten another war. In the shadows, Hunter’s mentor, the omnipotent Oscar LaRue, is playing a dangerous game with Russian Intelligence. All the while, neither Hunter nor LaRue understand that a new threat—the Iranian threat—has entered the game. As stakes rise, two shadowy players are one-step ahead of Hunter—Khalifah, a dangerous and terrorist mastermind, and Caine, a nomadic assassin who only dances with the highest bidder. As the attacks escalate and the country drifts toward another Middle East war, innocent refugees become the victims between the terrorists and the terrorized. Prejudice, hate, and fear vent everywhere—is this who we’ve become? Before the country explodes, Hunter must find Khalifah, learn the target of the next terrorist attack, and pray he’s in time to stop it.

Giveaway is one print copy of
The Consultant
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Monday, May 14, 2018

May #LibraryLoveChallenge - Every Wild Heart by Meg Donohue

The 2018 #LibraryLoveChallenge is hosted by Angel's Guilty Pleasures and Brook Blogs

The May #LibraryLoveChallenge and my in-person library book club read is Every Wild Heart by Meg Donohue. It's a fast easy read and was perfect for mother's day because is revolved around Gail and her daughter Nic. Plus there's something for everyone, a family drama, a coming of age story and a great mystery. I was fortunate enough to review this title for RT Book Reviews when it came out in 2017, my review is below.


ISBN-13: 9780062429841
Publisher: William Morrow/Harper Collins
Release Date: 3-14-2017
Length: 304pp
Source: Library


From USA Today bestselling author Meg Donohue comes a mystery, a love story, and a mother-daughter tale about two women on a precarious journey to uncover their true selves.

Passionate and funny, radio personality Gail Gideon is a true original. Nine years ago when Gail’s husband announced that he wanted a divorce, her ensuing on-air rant propelled her local radio show into the national spotlight. Now, “The Gail Gideon Show” is beloved by millions of single women who tune-in for her advice on the power of self-reinvention. But fame comes at a price. After all, what does a woman who has staked her career on being single do when she finds herself falling in love? And is the person who is harassing her in increasingly troubling ways a misguided fan or a true danger to Gail and her daughter, Nic?

Fourteen-year-old Nic has always felt that she pales in comparison to her vibrant, outgoing mother. Plagued by a fear of social situations, she is most comfortable at the stable where she spends her afternoons. But when a riding accident lands Nic in the hospital, she awakens from her coma changed. Suddenly, she has no fear at all and her disconcerting behavior lands her in one risky situation after another. And no one, least of all her mother, can guess what she will do next…